Hello world!

Hi everyone or should I say anyone who may know me out there on this dark blustery evening!This is my 3rd attempt of blogging, so fingers crossed I will keep this up!People who do know a bit about me will know that we have been waiting for a few months for our 1st placement in fostering,every time the phone rings I jump to answer it hoping it is our agency with a suitable child, but alas they never seem to be quite right for our family!I know I must be patient but it is hard we just want to get started!!!!Haz my daughter is still fed up at school but she just plods on!Ed my eldest is applying to different places for 6th form(crumbs I don’t remember it being that hard).I went on a course the other day and the subjects of schools came up I can not believe how people react to Home Education, I know if I felt confident enough I would do it, I totally admire Lucy and family on http://www.veganfamily.co.uk they are such a fantastic family, reading her blogs H.E beats school any day! Was going to put in a pic but urm can anyone help not sure what to do!!!!!Am reading “ugly” at the moment but think I should be reading less books on abuse and go for lighter ones, any advise?I am quite taken by Jodi Picoult.I really want to start doing reflexology again and Reiki, since losing my Reiki room I am limited for space!!!!Have only been at work once this week the child I care for has been ill.My youngest is keen to do some clay modelling tomorrow and maybe we will go to our local museum and art gallery.I will try to make this blog as interesting as possible and hope you will enjoy our goings on!!!!Blessings to you all,Namaste!B


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