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March 3, 2008

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driving kids,moving rooms around, art trip

March 1, 2008

Oh I had just written here and pressed the wrong button and it all went!!!!!!!To cut my long blog short I am thinking about moving my youngest in with my eldest as he does not stay or even go into his own bedroom every night!!!!Pro’s and cons in doing this but it would mean then we would have an extra foster room which means we could give more children a stable safe and loving home!!!!We are still waiting for our first child, long story but I have asked to change offices(which has not gone down well), Mothers Day is a tough time for these kids , my friend has her first child and it has really effected him with all the cards and present stuff they do at school!!!!School another sore subject, my eldest went to see about getting into my daughters school and his attendance in his school is not good enough to get into hers!!!!MMMM he forgot to say why he had not been in school, continuous name calling etc etc!!!!I was raving onto Lucy’s site and about home ed and fab links etc and people just seem to cut the conversation dead,their loss really!!!!!People use school as a form of child care.I am seeing more of what lacks in school again as I had been out of it for a year and vowed never to go back in but I do love working with the children.Not sure though Lucy I am getting through to my new charge!!!!!(hard work)My daughter has been invited to the cinema today (much to her surprise)we went to her review and she is doing really well levels 7&8 but her form tutor was shocked that she comes home crying each night!!!!My eldest was refused a place for 6th form at her school because his attendance was poor,urm why? because some days he just could not go in there is so much name calling and teasing one can take!!!!He is off to TGI a mate is having a 16th Birthday meal but my son is panicking as it is so expensive and they lack in choice for non meat eaters!!!!!Max and I will be going to a local art gallery we usually go to the one in  Birmingham thought we would try a different one, he also has some money to spend oh no not the dreaded £1 shop!!!!!!I know I will cause lots of work with moving rooms around but I think it will work, Max is not allowed to have toys in his room they all have to be played with downstairs because of fostering safe care so it would only cause problems when ed wants to chill out at night!!!I’m sure with soft lighting and partitions thanks to Ikea it may work!!!!!We shall see!!! I still want to live by the sea, but thats another story.Oh and I must start reading more, my foster agency want to see I am studying from books as well as going on uninformative courses that I have to do!!!!!Reading Ugly at the moment.Have a good day will report back later, love & light to you all:)